Why Should We Hire You

Why should we hire you

Interview question why should we hire you ? This question is meant to test someone’s persuasiveness. Its a challenging question but basically the  panels want to see if you can present  a confident ,calm, case for yourself, even if they appear doubtful or  skeptical, for instance. They’re looking for factual and compelling answers.

“What are your greatest strengths?” — best example answers:—>>>

  • Firstly, share   three or four best reasons that you have 
  • Secondly, mention  results, qualifications , and other people’s praises
  • Lastly, be brief , and invite  questions  from the panelists at the end

How to Thank the Interviewers after the end of the interview—->>>
more tips—–>

Why should the company hire you Sample Answers

Why should we hire you Sample answer 1

Based on what you’ve just said and from the study I’ve done, your organization needs Cooperate Secretarial Assistant who is committed, self driven and possess strong technical skills. My experience and abilities aligns well with that role. I’m a diligent and team player, meticulous on planning and details and a good communicator. I’m also a fluent in microsoft.

why should we hire you

Sample answer 2 

You describe in the job advert that you are in search of  special education teacher who is passionate, energetic, motivated. Most importantly self driven  and fun. Having served as a tutor at Thigma School for the blind in the past two years, i have a lot  of  knowledge in children development sequence and thoroughly equipped myself with the current Special Needs Educational Framework .(talk of a tough experience and the successes you achieved).

***Answer to why we should hire you. Should  have a moving and touching experience to the interviewers. Above all, you got the highest odds to win the job.

Express  passion  when answering why should we hire you interview question.

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