Why Do You Want To Work Here

Why do you want to work here

Interviewers want to understand what prompted you to apply for this job. They don’t want candidates who are indifferent to where they work. Instead, they want someone who offers very specific reasons for why they want this job.

glooming well for an interview—–>>>

  • First make it about them
  • Show the panelist that  you’ve done enough research
  • Use this chance to outshine 
  • Maintain honesty

One Way To Fail An Interview – Making Assumptions—>>

Sample answer 1

(Make it first about them)Of late i saw a story  on the news about the outreach your organization does with the community.(show you have done your research) .Doing charitable work is a big part of my personal beliefs and I was excited to see that there was a company that felt the same way.(speak from your heart)  You can imagine how excited I was when I found out there was a job opening in my skill set here.  I would be pleased to join a place where I know not only personal philosophies but also  my technical skills aligns  as well.
why do you want to work here

More Tips

This question will always be asked in an interview. They way you answer this question talks more of the connection  with  the company. If you like to work in a company  and  perform most likely attitude towards the company is also key.

This question in a simple way tries to gather all this.

Why do you want to work as a consultant? Or why do you want to work as a (position) are the most often question that can be asked.

Research well about the company before the interview. This will give you insights on company’s line of work. Search this information from company’s site or else gather the same from colleagues who work there. Or who worked there.

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