Why do want to leave your current Job

Why do want to leave your current Job?


The most dreaded interview question is why do you want to leave your current job. For this question you must stay as positive as you can. The managers always want to recruit people who are running “to” a role and not  running “away”. However, they are also interested in your honesty when things haven’t worked out but don’t be critical about your organization. The HR team will  give job seekers second chances when they demonstrate hunger. Also do not sound  disrespectful to your former bosses and colleagues as you may not score highly in this question.

Why do you want to leave your current role or (why do you want to leave your current employer).Both of this questions may be interchangeably asked to be interpreted almost the same.

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  • Desist negative  descriptions about your past role,colleagues or you bosses 
  • Be kind when things did not worked out in the past
  • Share ways you’re working on improving yourself 

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Acceptable reasons for  why do you want to leave your current role interview question:

  • Longing for a career change.
  • Desire to learn, take on more responsibility, take on less responsibility, relocate.
  • Company reorganization has led to change in job content.
  • Desire to gain a new skill or grow a current skill.
  • Wish for a shorter commute to work.
  • Eagerness to improve work/life balance.


It is important one knows how to go down this question. Examples above   for  why do you  want to leave  your current employer will score a higher mark. Being  Confident and being precise   when answering this questions  makes you sound more genuine.

Always make a point to  carry a lot of research before  walking in an interview room. This builds self confidence  and most likely you will have  win the panelist.

why do you want to leave your current role

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