What’s your hobby

What’s your hobby


Tell us about your hobbies and interests? How well do you use your spare time? Are you wasteful? Are you social? Your answers has to address this questions. Employers want to know you’re going to have around .Make it clear to them that you are creative rather than just a consumer ie watching,reading,listening. Present yourself as curious,interesting, fun, or a go-getter.

What you do outside work have no relation to performance of work duties. Address what you do without a  sense of fear. Show passion in what you do. What are your hobbies and interests question its a rely interesting question. It’s not a stammering  kind question when you go down to give the answer.

Some  companies may or not show more concerns on interest and hobbies  question. Further media industry and other entertainment fields requires  passion driven person. On top of other interview questions  there is a likelihood of equal attention to this question on what’s your hobby.

More Key Points to Note on What’s your hobby Interview Question

Tell us about your hobbies and interests is such a simple question. You also need to be aware that its mandatory question. Show some good vibes  and high spirits as you explain this question.

Similar question that may be asked are:

1.What’s your hobby interview question. This hobby interview question should be explained as above.

2.What are your hobbies and interests/skills/talents.

What are your hobbies and interests it more the same question. Interests can refer to any other area apart from hobbies. It may be worked related or goals related. It’s a whole broad topic  but keep is short and brief to the point.

I insist  you make it look fan. Drop all the seriousness associated with the whole process. Drop that tension. Show a smiling face.

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  • Make  it sweet and brief 
  • Share something that portrays a favorable picture
  • Don’t tell very long stories most likely they will get bored 

hobbies and interest

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