What Would Your Co-Workers Say About You

What would your co-workers say about you.

For this question on what would your co-workers say about you  maintain sincerity. Interviewers want to know if you’ll fit in with the team. Most likely the HR  may contact your references. Make a point of discussing  your traits as mentioned in your resume.  What would your co-workers say about you. This question can also help you highlight your strengths without feeling like you’re showing off. This question will be asked by the panelist for one of the following reasons :

  1. 1.To compare your self-assessment to how your references described you.
  1. 2.To get a feel of how you perceive yourself.
  2. 3.To determine your level of skills and how well you’d fit in their company culture.


  • Share something that relates to the job description and back it with an example
  • Look to your recommendations and reviews for ideas
  • Be confident and succinct. It’s OK to shine!

Sample Best Examples

Interview Question “what would your co-workers say about you                    

1. Okay,my  colleagues always say that  I am well organized and outstanding at time management. During one project, my team members applauded me for  sticking to a timeline i developed  for all the phases of the project. Finally we completed the project  before time, and it was a credit for the team.

2.What would your co-workers say about you? Well, my team members would always say that am  very optimistic as i see problems as opportunities to learn and grow in.

why should we hire you——>
What do you like to do outside work—–>
what would your co-workers say about you

Related Questions that can also be asked:

  1. How would your boss describe you in 3 words. To Answer this question try and avoid anything negative here.
  2. How would you describe a good co-worker.
  3. What would your subordinate say about you.
  4. How would your team describe you as a leader.
  5. Say something about your colleagues.

All this question revolve on the question how would co-workers/colleagues/team say about you. Every company is looking for a good team player. As well as a person who relates well with other staffs. Be positive about yourself as you go down to answer the question.


What would your co-workers say about you? Pick the best three qualities. Keep it as brief as you can.

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