What are your salary expectations

What are your salary expectations

Tell us about your salary expectations for this role? Its one of the most popular interview question and its good you know how to go about it so that you get the salary you deserve.If this question arises early, odds are that the interviewer is really asking: “Can we afford you?”. They also want to see how much your value your skills and abilities. This  question may arise much later to imply  the interviewer may be hoping that your salary requirements are aligned to what they have budgeted for this role. Its important to note that for this question you should not over value or under value yourself. State your salary expectations as a matter of fact and this affects your bargaining positively.

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  • Talk about ranges other than the exact figures 
  • Know the industry standards for a particular post
  • Make it clear that you will offer  premium value

what are your salary expectation

Answering Tactics for What are your salary expectations interview Question

Explained with examples

1.Do not mention exact figures rather talk of  ranges-I am looking for a position that pays …..mention a range(between $850 and  $100) annually but I am open to negotiations  depending on other benefits enjoyed for this position. This is the most intelligent way to answer the question on salary expectations.

2.You may not have a correct answer at hand but sending the Question towards the panel would greatly give you a clue-Kindly allow me to ask  to ask a few more questions concerning  company’s  salary expectations  and what the position fully entails . That way, I can provide a more practical figure.

Sample Examples for What are your salary Expectations Interview Question

1.While I am certainly open, I am looking forward to receive between $990 and $100 monthly . This is due to my experience level and skill sets i possess , i too feel that this is a an appropriate range for my work.

2.Thank you for asking, I feel that a monthly salary of (say a ranger here) is in line with the current  industry standards and considers my skills sets as well as the experience and  the premium value i will add to this organization. However, i am open to hearing about the company’s budget/compensation expectations for this role. .

Salary Expectations for Freshers Tips and Sample Answer

(i) Never share you salary requirements as a fresher.
(ii) Experience candidate can share their expected salary.
(iii) Always say yes as per the company norms for the job.

I am a fresher. Salary is not first priority for me, this is a big platform to start my career and also to improve my knowledge and skills and gain experience. I expect a considerable of salary according to your company’s norms which will fulfill  my economic needs.


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