Tell me about Yourself Interview Question

Tell me about Yourself Interview Question

Overview On Tell Me About Yourself Question

Every candidate gets the dreaded “Tell me about yourself” interview question. Here are  some secrets.

 First, a  lot of jobs require someone who will think on their feet or present ideas with crispness and clarity

Second, this question provides employers with an early preview of your core skills, your personality and your ability to respond to an unstructured question.

Tell me about yourself in an interview is a question will require a brief summary. And as much as its short the key points should be put across.

Avoid answers that requires much explanations or rather answers that may trigger unhealthy debates.

About yourself question is  a really interesting. It comes as the first question .And if well pitched  it makes the rest of the interview flow easily. Win the panelist by giving the best  description of yourself. Lastly, only mention the very necessary skills attained when you say about yourself in an interview.


  • Prepare for this question well  and early enough.Make sure you have  a captivating  story about your past experiences.
  • Draw important skills needed from the job description.
  •  Be brief and honest

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Sample Answer 1** Candidate with No Experience

Tell me about yourself?

I graduated recently with a degree in Actuarial science .

(state the interest areas in this course)

. Key  achievements  …………..  Luckily through this research …………currently  I’m actively looking for a permanent or a  full-time position now.

Tell me about Yourself interview question

Tell Me About Yourself In an Interview

Tell me about yourself interview question as said should be kept short and brief. A lot about yourself  should be well elaborate in this statement. Focus on selling yourself as much as you can.

Tell me about yourself answer for graduates should also not sound complex. You have less achievements .The best way to go about this question is to analyze you qualities in your flow.

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