Tell Me About a Time You Were Successful on a Team

Tell me about a time you were successful on a team


If you can show that you’ve helped a team move through a challenge, here its good to show some of the skills you used to persuade the team, you probably have interpersonal skills, good time manager, team player and strong communication and . These kinds of “soft” skills are in high demand and make people successful in their jobs. Here its very important you form your answers to remain on topic and also make key points.

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More tips: Remember to thank the interviewer


  • Describe a a difficulty that cropped up  in  a  team
  • Share your key actions that you took with the team
  • Explain the positive result based on the work you did
  • Acclaim your  teamwork skills

a time you were successful in a team

Tell Me About a Time You Were Part of a Successful Team

Team work has been the most valuable quality a person should possess in an organization. Most organization appear to embrace team work to help deliver on tasks with tight schedules .More so the overall success of the organization is based on team work.

Explain instances where you were successful in driving positive change, dealt with an angry member of the team. Tell about a time   you successfully influence others and gained commitment from them.  Tell me about a time you were successful due to your ability to communicate. This and more other questions can be asked to mean the same thing.

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