Tell me about a time you had to handle pressure

Tell me about a time you had to handle pressure

For interview question  a time you had to handle pressure. Its advisable you give examples that resonates  with places you worked before. Some jobs are quite intensive and  high-stress and recruiters want to see if you can handle the heat. You’ll get partial credit for talking of about your great efforts to get everything done, but you would gather more points if you talk of  specific times when you enlisted allies.


A  time you had to handle pressure

  • Be clear about the goal you project
  • Show that you’re a strong person who doesn’t get agitated easily
  • Show your innovative side, too, especially if your path to success involved reevaluating the task 

what is your greatest strength…..
what is your greatest weakness….

Sample Answer 1

Tell me a time when you had to handle pressure?


Well  I can’t say I enjoy stress,but i do  agree that handling stressful circumstances has really taught me a lot about effective communication and most importantly prioritization . In my last job I had to answer to three supervisors who sometimes allocated me conflicting tasks. Rather than trying to address both concurrently and  end up overwhelmed and stressed out, I sat down with both my supervisors on urgent tasks and those tasks that could be handled later. We worked out a schedule that allowed me to organize what needed to get done based on priority.  I was able to complete both tasks quickly and efficiently, and this gave me  satisfaction as i was always able to finish every task and as per the   assignment list.  I’ve found that with proper prioritization i can handle much bigger work loads with less stress and without being overwhelmed.

tell me about a time you had to handle pressure interview question

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