Tell Me About a Time you failed or Made a Mistake

Tell me about a time you failed


Tell me about a time you made a mistake interview question. Human is to err and being able to admit to a mistake shows maturity and personal accountability. Your attitude in such situations is the most key thing here. Recruiters want to know you’re self-aware and that you learn from past experiences. Errors are inevitable in any job – it’s how you handle them that matters.

Make  a point of expressing yourself  professionally. State any issue as a matter of fact and back it up with a solid argument. A time you made a mistake should come out clearly. Adverse effects of the mistakes and a resolution there after should be well explained . 


  • Interview question tell me about a time you failed.Be honest
  • Tell them why it was a mistake
  • Talk about the lesson and the measures you are taking to avoid such a situation in the future.

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Sample Answer on tell me about a time you failed Interview Question

In my last post, our CEO was quite engaged and gave me a chance to  to recruit entry-level people to join our team, I was tasked with the role of interviewing  the right candidature . I choose to hire a person who seemed  to have the right skills but his personality was questionable which was a big mistake from my side. My seniors complained about his attitude too much and we could not tolerate the guy in our organization and we had no option other than firing him. I learned to be more careful and not to rush to conclusion especially on weighty matters . i realized the importance of consulting especially during hiring and this has made me a better manager. So far  i’ ve hired ten more people  and never had a bad experience like this again. That was a one of the  great lesson as a manager to learn early in my career. Tell me about a time you failed interview question is a tricky question. Research  well before the interview and also consult widely


tell me a time you failed or made a mistake interview question

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