Tell me about a time you disagreed with someone

Tell me about a time you disagreed with someone

A time you disagreed with someone. Occasional disputes are a fact of life. Interviewers want  to see people who work through such tensions in a calm and a respectful way. If you guided things toward a good compromise, that is a big plus on your side . Do not show signs of bitterness or anger as they  will count against you.

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A time you disagreed with someone

  • Pull an example involving work practices – avoid as much as you can those personal quarrels
  • Explain the different views from both  sides 
  • Show a fuller understanding of the two sides led to a good outcome

Sample Answer

Interview Question: Tell me about a time you disagreed with someone

In my last job i  was working on a certain  project and my boss directed me to take a different approach. In my opinion this approach was expensive to implement and would create a lot of complications which would likely lead to a great loss of time and money. So, I went and raised  my concerns to her and in turn  offered an alternative approach, finally she agreed with me and in the end we achieved our goals.

tell me a time you disagreed with someone interview questiontell me a time you disagreed with someone interview question

Other related questions:

1.Tell me about a time where you disagreed with someone and how you resolved the conflict.

Here the interviewer is looking to here both sides. The conflict and the resolution part. Even when the question is not twisted this way. Make an effort to make a full submission.

If it was a professional disagreement with your boss. Let it come out that finally took the risk for company’s sake.


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