Phone Interview

Phone Interview

And the phone rings – The Phone Interview

Most companies go for a phone interview to initially  screen their candidates and  ensure those who qualify for the next stage meet the minimum requirements. Phone interview is    a way of interview exercised by most organizations before they call a candidate for a panel interview. Well, if you are about to experience a phone interview , do not panic down to your bone marrows. This is something you could handle and it is somehow a polish for you for an actual interview.

The materials in this site are phone interview preparation tips. This phone interview preparation tips  are very key and if you follow them to the latter they can actually help you  totally impress. 

Phone Interview Tips

The following are the some of  the  key things you need to be aware of if you rely need to appear a smarter person in a phone interview:

  • Make sure your resume  is near for guidance and any other necessary documents which may provide you with supporting information.
  • Have a notebook and a pen near you  for making notes.
  • Turn off call waiting options or whatever features that may disturb you while taking the call.
  • Make sure you are in a quite environment free from disturbances of any kind i.e, music,children crying and or any kind of noise that  may interfere with the call.
  • Beware of eating or drinking anything while on an interview. You could take a sip of water when the interview is that long.
  • Switch of TV and the  radio.
  • Speak clearly,be thorough and to the point and smile while you answer.
  • Be polite to the interviewee.
  • Listen carefully and avoid interrupting the interviewee.
  • Answer briefly but straight to the point.
  • Remember to thank the interviewee and appreciate compliments from his/her side. You can also do in form of a phone interview follow up  email.

More Comments on Phone Interview

Phone interview questions maybe technical or not. In case  company prefers a phone interview to panel interview they may decide to ask access your capability elsewhere. This may imply that over the interview less technical questions .

A follow up phone interview email or a follow up  thank you email maybe necessary depending on the discussion that you have. Be keen to note if either of the above will come  later after the phone interview.

A phone interview with the recruiter keeps you confident as most of the time you will be relaxed. This should not be mistaken for lack of thorough  preparation before the phone interview.

phone interview tips

Though you do not see the person on the other line, you have to act as if you are talking face-to-face. It is good to be relaxed while taking the call. It would be sensed by the interviewee, whether you are sincere or you are too pressured.

When the phone rings, take a deep breath, lift the receiver and say to yourself that you are indeed going to make it for that job.

With the reminders above, you would definitely be able to make it well for the phone interview.

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