Highlight your Accomplishments

Highlight your Accomplishments. Something You’ve Accomplished That You Are Proud Of.

This question on highlight your accomplishments determines how well you define a professional success. Always remember most companies are interested in increasing revenue and  reducing costs and its upon you to make sure the story line resonates in a way the employer will want you to do similar things at his or her company. Make sure you focus  more on the impact and outcomes. In other words, focus more on the greatest achievements you have made so far.

More Tips Highlight Your Accomplishments

The question of highlight your accomplishments should be flow. This tends to create confidence to the panelist and shows also that you own what you say.

Major problems most people encounter is they research  about difficult topics. Such topics may get you into hot soup especially when you not able to explain yourself further. If you have several accomplishments go ahead remember to include the duration. You may highlight your  major accomplishments from the last quarter  or year or so.

Tell me something you’ve accomplished you are proud of is another version. It is a similar version of highlight your accomplishments. This questions seeks to understand the level of passion. The levels of motivation and how far you project yourself in terms of major accomplishments. This question is a game changer in the interview and hence i insist you apply honesty and preciseness.

what would you co-workers say about you?>
describe your most challenging project>

  • First, narrate the challenge that existed and the  action you took
  • Second, explain positive impact of the outcome and the difficulty that would be experienced if you did not step in.


Sample Answer 1

Something You’ve Accomplished That You Are Proud Of

During my secondary level/junior level , I led my debate team to Nationals levels . I was in tasked with making sure that the team was always motivated and on top of their game . I came up with a master plan that would allow us to combine debate practice with team building, also spent extra time to three team members who didn’t appear  to have as much experience as the rest of the team members. We ended up winning at  Nationals levels  and had an amazing time together.

highlight your accomplishments

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