Explain your employment gap

Explain your employment gap


The panelist asks you to explain your employment gap. Definitely there are many reasons why most people have employment gaps in their resume. For instance you make have taken time off to travel, study or you may have a gap simply because you have been looking for a job and you have not been successful in this course. Employers tend to focus on recent roles you have been doing and if you ad a gap before most likely they won’t question that a lot. This question isn’t designed to eliminate you . First it is  a good sign you got to interview. Interviewers want to get more details about the gap and whether you’re still going to be a great fit for the role, despite the  employment gap.

why should we hire you?>
ways to appear confident in a job interview>

  • Expect  this type of question and prepare for it well.
  • Be frank and answer this it  strategically
  • Be brief and confident 
  • Show some light on the  things that came about within that period

can you explain your employment gap

Sample answers on how  to explain your employment gap

Typical Ways to Explain Yourself Without Sounding Offensive

1.Be sure to mention any classes, volunteer work, conferences, certifications, you were engaged in  during your employment gap. If you didn’t take either of this activities,let them  know you probably learned a new soft skill  from online or colleague or from any other avenue. This skills could include  adaptability, communication, problem solving, critical thinking or critical observation. 

2.If you stepped aside from your work/career without a succinct timeline tied to your reasoning, explain to them why you’re choosing to go back  the workforce now rather than, say, a year or so from now.

Again, be succinct and don’t feel like explaining or trying to justify your decision. Simply let the hiring team or the employer know that you’ve done what you planned and needed to do during this specific time you were out of job and now you’re willing and ready and raring to get back to work again.

When explaining your employment gap. Something more important note here is  to know there’s a difference between explaining and justifying. For heavenly sake don’t have a such  feeling or maybe get stuck probably because you feel you have to  justify why you stepped away for a while  from your career. Know that you’re not out explaining the details or to prove anything.

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