Describe Your Most Challenging Project

Describe your most challenging project


 Your most challenging project

Describe your most challenging project? This is a tough question to answer . We have some few tips here to help prepare well  for  the interview. For this question you have to give an actual situation .That is you be specific and make sure to add pressure to your answer. Maybe time constraints or the team was not cooperative. Recruiters want to get a sense of what ‘challenging’ means to you and how calm you are in such situations. They’re looking for a storyline to prove that you can turn things around especially from a  bad situation to a good one.

Other similar questions that relate  include:

1.Please describe your most technically challenging project.

2. Describe your most challenging project so far how did you deal with it.

why do want to leave your current role answers >
tips to prepare for a panel interview>

  • Share a  story with a specific challenge
  • Describe the negative impact if the issue could not be resolved 
  • Discuss the actions that you took and the  positive impact


Sample Answer 1 For The Most Challenging Project

So far, I think the biggest project I completed was at University – designing, analyzing and building a hotel management system. It took me 2 months of research, building prototypes, testing, ,changing the design.Luckily after presentation the project was recommended to be used in one of the hotels in the university.It was great to witness all the hard work paying off for the first time.That was one the greatest projects i have worked on so far.

describe your most challenging project

Sample Answer 2 For The Most Difficult Project

The most demanding project I ever worked on(mention the challenge here) was during my Apprenticeship when I was working in our tooling d/ment, helping to design tools to build a tractor engine  .

I was assigned  the role of  developing a technical manual for the engine’s’ stand, the stand was so large  and we i realized that at some point we have to ship the whole engine  in 2 pieces and then bring the parts together again at the other end!

So i had to  closely  work with the tooling supplier currently based in SA, i had to cope with the long  distance and with the language barrier too.

It was very challenging and getting the information in the correct form to the customer was  really tough and it sometimes took longer to do so.

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