Describe your leadership style

Describe your leadership style

Interview question describe your leadership style? Good leaders can explain their skills ,values and priorities in a few words. This is a test to see if you can explain yourself. Talk about you best qualities that you possess. It is important to know that this question assesses whether your approach compares to  company’s culture.

Describe your leadership style may have restrictions. An interviewer may ask you to describe your leadership skill in a few words. Other may tend to ask  an occasion where leadership skill came into play.

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  • Interview question describe your leadership style? Describe your style in a few words
  • Share an example of you leadership in action
  • Show that you are flexible

Sample Answer For Describe Your Leadership Style

My strengths as a leader are effective delegation of duties to team members and communication.. I always delegate tasks to the best-equipped member of the team who a sure can  perform well in the task, and also communicate clearly what needs to be done,how and why. This does away with back-and-forth, mistakes, and needing to re-do tasks. Communicate effectively at the start of the project, and a proper delegation saves quite a lot of  time for a project.

Sample Answer 2

“I would relate my leadership style as direct, and  always leading by example. I enjoy assigning tasks and taking the lead on projects, but I also remain closely  involved and motivate my team by showing that I’m working hands-on to help them, too. For instance, in my last job assignment , we had an urgent situation where our client’s website went down. I quickly assigned tasks to my team of 8, but then later called  the client to find out more information for my team and give the client temporary steps they could take to make the issue cheaper while we came up with a lasting solution. When my team saw my commitment on this particular assignment  , it made them work extra extra hard.

describe your leadership style interview question

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