Be honest in job interview

Be honest in job interview

First there is a clear difference between lying or give a wrong story about yourself .And telling a story showing the positive side of it  to make you sound better .  Most companies  conduct reference check these days . Avoid  saying  anything that is non verifiable. No matter the consequences just be honest all through the interview.

As Much As You Can Be Frank. Be honest in a job interview

Be honest in a job interview. One way too get into severe trouble is lying on an interview. Honesty saves you a lot . Common lies that are told include profession qualifications  that you do not hold, roles assumption ie .Saying you are manager when really you are a team lead and taking credit for a project that was  completed by a team or a colleague.  All of these things to some extent make  you sound good during the interview. But when the company is handling a similar project and they are stack definitely they will ask for your assistance .Your boss is not going to lie for you and if you were in the running for the job, you won’t be anymore.

Be completely Honest In a Job Interview

The  handle these scenarios best  is to tell the truth but put yourself  in the best light.  Say you were a part of the project. Go ahead and  tell the interviewer the part you played and how your role contributed to success of the project as a whole.  Be worker that can recognize and share in the success in others is preferable to one who lies  or wants all of the credit for themselves.

The key is to be brutally honest .Only share examples that are going to highlight your capabilities and work history in the best possible way.  Claim things that are backed up by references.

Honesty in job interviews means being honest about your experience, qualifications. Most importantly  about your skill set.

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