Avoid making assumptions in a job interview

Avoid making assumptions in a job interview

Being keen and  honest will make you avoid   making assumptions of any kind in a job interview. Honesty is a way of life and it has a special place in an interview setting. You want to be viewed as a person who knows what is necessary and can deliver results – outside the interview room – and making assumptions will not guarantee you will be viewed like this.

Ways to avoid making Interview Assumptions

 Ask for clarification, that’s the best way way to avoid making assumptions in a job affair.  For those questions that are open to arguments , ask them to explain it to you.  Sometimes an interviewer will use company jargon  without further elaboration or  or may use an acronym in a conversation or in a question. Respond by saying, “I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with the term, kindly explain it to me please?” This show you have interest in the organization and to further extent its shows you are paying attention.

When you use specific terminology when answering questions , be sure to explain what you mean.  In addition, do not assume the panel will know what you are talking about either. It more better, if you can use common terms in the place of organization specific ones.

Lastly, don’t assume that you already have the job.  Even if you feel you are the most qualified person for the position – it isn’t yours until you have received a job offer.  Make the best impression about you and have the  mindset that you are still competing for the job.Make sure to sell  yourself accordingly.

avoid assumptions in a job interview

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